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ik help je  de ontdekken wat je écht wilt

Do you recognize this?

You have reached a point in your life where you feel like "this isn't it". At first glance, you've got it pretty good. You have a good job, nice friends, maybe a nice partner and you can do nice things.

But you experience little satisfaction.

Somewhere deep inside you feel there's more to you,

that there is more to get out of life,

And you want to know what that is.

You have now reached the point where you no longer want to settle and cannot accept the status quo.

"Things have to change!"


But how do you start?

This is where I come into play 😁

​​"I know from experience how personal development can help you completely transform your life "

Who am I

I have not always been a coach . Until 2011 I worked in financial services. I was not happy, had a destructive lifestyle, experienced a lot of stress and little satisfaction and weighed almost a hundred kilos.

Until I got burned out.

With the help of personal development and lifestyle I recovered in a record time of 3 months and underwent a complete transformation. 

Before and after professional.png

I lost 25 pounds, quit smoking and decided to go back to what I really wanted and said goodbye to my old life in financial services.

Since then, I've been on a mission to help as many people as possible create a life that truly fulfills them.

I know from experience what impact lifestyle and personal development can have

"I know what happens when you don't listen to that voice."